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How Do I Buy An Item At Auction?  That’s easy!  Simply register for a Bidder’s Number at our Registration Office and you are ready to bid.  Show your bid number to the auctioneer when bidding.  Remember to listen to how the item(s) is being sold, by the piece or as a group.

What forms of payment Do You Accept?  We accept Cash, Cashier’s Checks, Good Local Check, Other checks with bank letter.

How Do I Collect My Purchases?  Once the Auctioneer says “SOLD” you are the new owner of that property.  It becomes your responsibility to safeguard and remove your purchases from the sale site.  Items normally need to be removed the day of the auction.  All purchases must be paid for at the auction that day at the Cashier.  Speak with the Auctioneer after the sale if special arrangements are needed for pick-up.

Can I Set A Reserve price on My Home Selling at Auction?  Yes you can.  However, many times homes that are advertised as “No Reserve” can bring a higher price simply because buyer knows the property will definitely be sold that day.

Are Homes Sold At Auction Because They Cannot Sell Any Other Way?  Definitely Not!  Many times selling at auction is faster and easier than other methods of selling.  It also adds the prime opportunity to sell the personal property at the same time.  This is great option for down- sizing, estates or if a quick sale is desired.

What Are The Advantages To Selling My Home At Auction?  Here are just a few….

  • The property is sold “AS IS” eliminating contingencies, negotiations and repairs
  • Buyers must have their monies/financing already lined up prior to the sale date
  • Closing can be very quick, especially with a cash transaction
  • It eliminates long term holding costs such as taxes, insurance and utilities